ABOUT US - Cult of Aphrodite Vintage


“Bringing back the past to the modern day’s clothing for it has personality, character and soul.” 

Cult of Aphrodite Vintage was born partly out of love and partly out of obsession. It is an online shop established in 2010 carrying thoughtfully selected vintage clothing from Victorian through grunge era pieces, with most notably a strong collection of 1960's and 1970's pieces. 

CoAV specialises in vintage bohemian lifestyle clothing gently mixing an earthy bohemian with romantic vibes.  

Serving all trend-setters, fashion forward and free thinking girls from globe-trotting bohemian, the pixie dream girl, the free-wheeling artist, the minimalist philosopher to the co-op-inhabiting environmentalist, who choose "vintage" for their one-of-a-kind investment pieces. 

We represent girls with personalities from sophisticated, hip, romantic, playful to whimsical that are infatuated by all things vintage. Bringing back the past to the modern day where one never knows what they might find on any given day. 

My name is Jasmine Hoon and I have worn and collected women's vintage clothing over the past 10 years. I am truly obsessed and love dwelling into the world of anything vintage from fashion, literature, art, music, animals to travel. I buy what I like, what attracts my eyes, what I find interesting and appealing which makes everyday an adventure for me.  

I LOVE doing what I do and stand behind each piece I offer. My goal is to offer some love- able gems that are appealing to women of all ages and budgets. I love the individuality, versatility and (usually) superior quality of vintage clothing. I also love the fact that wearing and selling vintage is a recycling beauty!  

I love developing lasting and personal relationships with customers, in person and around the globe. I truly hope that CoAV will be a place to relax in beauty.